BSP14 Linear servoactuator

Brushless servoactuators, natural air cooling.
Version with through hole for nut for 32mm screwball and with through hole for nut for 40mm screwball.
Mechanics with flange in 145mm square case.
Two sizes with stall torque in service S1 of 22 and 28Nm.
Nominal speed of 3000rpm.
Winding for 400VAC network.

Electrical specifications ( voltage 400VAC )

 Version for 400VAC power supply
 Symbol  U.mis. BSP14L BSP14G
Drive power supply voltage
Stall torque at 100K Dt
To Nm 22 28.8
Theoretical force with screw 5mm lead Fo N 27600 35600
Theoretical force with screw 10mm lead Fo N  13800 17700
Rated speed n RPM 3000
Max speed with screw of 5mm lead* v mm/sec 250
Max speed with screw of 10mm lesd* v mm/sec 500
Power at rated speed 100K Dt  Pn W
6105 6520
Torque at rated speed 100K Dt Tn
22 28
Peak torque Tpk
59.4 77.8
Poles number  PN   6
Winding resistance 20°C phase/phase Rw
0.77 0.58
Inductance phase/phase 50Hz Lw
mH 4.80 3.55
EMF constant ref. at 20°C Ke Vs 0.92
Torque constant Kt Nm/Arms 1.59
Torque constant 100°C  Vn V
Current of stall at 100K Dt Io
 A 13.8 18
Current at rated speed at100K Dt In
 A 12.2 13
Peak current  Ipk  A 37.3 48.3
Demagnetization current Idm
 A 54.6 71.6
* screw/nut system non supplied with the motor and not suppliable by HDT. 

Mechanical Data

Motor type BSP
 Symbol  U.mis. BSP14L BSP14G
Screw/nut diameter according to standard DIN69051  Ø mm 32 40 32 40
Rotor inertia  Jm  mKgm2 6.932 6.691 7.848 7.607
Rotor inertia ( motor with brake)  Jmb  mKgm2
7.412 7.171 8.329 8.087
Weight  M Kg
26.2 30.1
Weight with brake
 Mb kg
28.4 32.3

Thermal features

Motor type BSP07
 Symbol  U.mis. BSP14L BSP14G
Operating temperature   °C 0÷40
Insulation class     Winding class H - Motor class F
Cooling system      
Standard protection
    IP65 ( shaft excluded )

Brake specifications

Brake parameters
 Symbol  U.mis. BSP14L BSP14G
Brake type     08 08
Static brake torque at 100°C* Tb Nm 36 36
Brake power at 20°C Pb W 26 26
Coupling time   ms 3 3
Release time   ms 90 90
Voltage ±5%   VDC 24 24
Backlash   Arcmin 0 0
*torque obtained after running in   

Standard technical specifications


- Low inertia permanent magner servomotor


- rare earth permanent magnets( NdFeB )
- with complete through-shaft
-predispositon for recirculating ball screw diameter 16mm in compliance with the standard DIN69051


- winding, class H; Motor Class F


- 3000rpm
- winding for 230VAC per drive powered at 230VAC or at 400VAC
- winding for drive powered at 60VDC

On demand

- other combinations of voltage and speed possible;.


- winding in class H
- motor in class F
- Insulation suitable for 400VAC voltage

Thermal protection sensors

- a mezzo di PTC


- No option

Cooling system


- Natural air ( IC0041 )

Standard protection

- IP50 (exlusion of the shaft side).

- ball bearings with double screen lubricated for life. 20,000 operating hours under normal conditions of use.


- Grade "R"

Concentricity and perpendicularity of the axis/flange

- grade "N" (normal) - according to IEC 72 - DIN0530

Shaft output

-with 50mm diameter through hole prepared for nut housing for 32mm screw type DIN69051
-with 63mm diameter through hole prepared for nut housing for 40mm screw type DIN69051


- optional. Permanent magnet parking brake, 24VDC power supply with specific polarity. Brake engaged in the absence of power supply. Braking torque greater than the motor Tn. - optional. Zero-backlash permanent magnet parking brake with braking torque> Tn

Connections and cable

- with angular connector type M23 shaft side ( code G )
- with angular connector type M23 opposite side ( code H )


- with angular connector type M23 shaft side ( code G )
- with angular connector type M23 opposite side ( code H )

Position transducer

- Resolver

Motore tipo
L LF Note
411 455
463 507