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A precision planetary gearbox.

An unparalleled planetary gearbox: maximum efficiency even at very high speeds.Very light and at the same time extremely high-performance gearbox, ideal also for heavy production cycles thanks to the design with reduced friction bearing and optimized lubrication.
A high level product at a fair and affordable price. Made in Germany by Neugart.

Light, but powerful
  The PLE gearbox stands out for its weight / torque ratio, thanks to a weight of 25% less than comparable conventional gearboxes. Thus it allows to obtain the high dynamism necessary for multi-axis systems.
Efficient and reliable
  High performance at an affordable price is the motto of our PLE planetary gearbox. It is a robust and at the same time economic product, which achieves high performance at an affordable price.
Quality for high level performances.
  Our gearboxes respond to the highest levels of quality and are produced exclusively in Neugart factories in the European Union. The products dedicated to the local market are assembled in the USA and China factories, thus guaranteeing high flexibility to the specific needs of the market and optimal delivery times..
Heat is not welcome.
  The PLE planetary gearbox, thanks to the design with reduced friction bearing and optimized lubrication, generates very low heat therefore allows a high rotation speed without loss of performance to the advantage of the reliable even in extreme environmental situations.
Innovative and customized.
  HDT gearboxes by Neugart® boast a compact structure and high performance, special application conditions. Suitable for all sectors, from machine tools. to printing machines, handling systems, injection molding machines and painting robots, up to the food sector.
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