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A classic.


Colibrì is a compact bidirectional 4-quadrant analog drive for the control of direct current motors with permanent magnets up to 3.5Nm and fed in direct current with voltages from 20 to 110VDC. 


The lightness of concreteness.

Simplicity of analog.

Colibrì is equipped with a differential reference input ± 10V for speed or torque regulation. 

On request Colibrì can be driven via standard PWM signal with a maximum frequency of up to 20kHz. 

Adjustment on trimmer.

The main settings are performed by convenient trimmers, useful for fine tuning :

- the speed.
- the acceleration and deceleration ramps.
- Derivative, proportional/integral gains.

Speed reaction

Colibrì can manage three types of speed feedback.

- Armatura (standard).
- Tachogenerato (standard).


Prodotto in due varianti in base alla tensione di alimentazione del bus DC.

- Colibrì 60 which accepts voltages from 20 to 80VDC.
- Colibrì 110 which accepts voltages from 30 to 130VDC.

Dedicated to those looking for a simple drive with no frills.