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The TMC240Evo® series by HDT includes a complete range of digital servo drives in single-axis execution for operation on 230VAC single and 3-phases networks with current sizes up to 6A corresponding to nominal powers up to 2W. TMC240Evo® allows the motor control of brushless, asynchronous, DC PM and linear servomotors.
Piloting both from analog reference and from EtherCat, ProfiNet, CanOpen and Modbus protocol. Feedback from incremental encoders, SSI absolute encoder and resolver. TMC460Evo® integrates speed, torque, positioner, electric axis, electronic cam and pressure control as standard.
An Ethernet port allows connection to the corporate network and also remote monitoring. Easy to program, they connect via the USB port to the fast Caliper management software..

Main Features.

Control method
Digital regulation loop for torque, speed and position.

- for AC brushless synchronous motor,rotary and linear: FOC control, SVM modulation, with feedback or sensorless.
- for rotary asynchronous motor: V/Hz and FOC control, SVM modulation with feedback or sensorless.
- for DC synchronous rotary brushless motor: trapezoidal modulation when using a feedback only from HALL sensors.
- for permanent magnet DC motor (rotary) with encoder feedback.

Main reference

±10V differential speed and torque 12Bit

Auxiliary reference

0/+10V single ended - 12Bit

Frequency reference

Speed and position

- Pulses and direction ( 2MHz )
- Incremental encoder A/B( 2MHz )
- CW/CCW ( 2MHz )

Optional fieldbuses

- Modbus RTU
- CanOpen Cia402
- EtherCat CoE ( DS402)
- ProfiNet RT ( CC-A, CC-B ) - IRT ( class AC1 - AC3 - AC4)
- EtherNet IP (CiP Protocol)

Main feedback

Hall's sensor

- with sequence at 120° angle


- Incremental 5V Line Drive with/without Hall sensors ( adjustable power supply from 5 to 9)
- 32 Bit Absolute Enc. SSI (Bin) (adjustable power supply form 5 to 9V)
- 32 Bit Absolute Enc. Biss (B-C) (adjustable power supply form 5 to 9V)
- 32 Bit Absolute Enc. Endat 2.1-2.2 (adjustable power supply form 5 to 9V)


- Sensorless control for asynchronous FOC and V / Hz control

Second optional feedback


- 2 poles Resolver. A/D converter at 16 Bit with simjulated encoder ouput 5V Line Drive.

Encoder output

Simulated encoder

- Incremental Enc. 5V Line Drive  (only for resolver): possibility to select 256, 1024, 4096 or 16384ppr


ABZ channels repetiotion of the main feedback
Frequency reference repetition

Control mode


- Speed with/without torque limiti. Adjustable trapezoidal or "S" ramps.


- Torque control


- Multi-positioner: Single target, from cyclic/acyclic table, analog
- Electronic gearbox: refercences from CW-CCW, A/B channels and puse/direction
- Electronic cam: references from da CW-CCW e A/B channels


- Pressure control

Configurable inputs and outputs


- 6 digital inputs  NPN/PNP  (2 Touch Probe)
- 2 analog inputs


- 3 digital inputs NPN/PNP

Digital filters

Observer on motor feedback.
- Notch filter on current reference.
- Iq filter on motor quadrature current.
- Low-pass filter on digital and analog iputs.

Drive and motor protection function

- Shortcircuit
- Over/Undervoltage
- Missing phase and AC power supply
- Missing of I/O Power
- Overtemperature of the heatsink(dynamic management of ventilation)
- Motor thermal image
- PTC management
- Tjermal image of braking resistor
- Resolver or Encoder/Hall's sensor breakdown
- Current limit

Drive interface

- 3 LEDs on the drive for signaling status and alarms. Complete information via fieldbus.

Hardware Safety Functions

- STO : safety input Safe Torque Off according to IEC61800-5 - SIL3 Cat.0: EN61508

Software Safety Functions

- Emergency or Fault reaction stops: By inertia - in Ramp - in Torque Limit
- Braking in torque limit in cases of Limit Switch in mechanical stop

Braking management

- Integrated brake management with immediate or ramp stop
- DC braking for asynchronous motors*

Drive parametrization

- Via CALIPER 4.0 software through the microUSB 2.0 port

Additional features

- Motor autophasing procedure available for every type of feedback.
- Cogging compensation for brushless motors.

Current Sizes

Power supply VAC 230VAC 1PH - 3Ph
Min/Max supply voltage VDC 230VAC ±15% - 50/60Hz
DC Min/Max supply voltage VDC 200 VDC ÷ 360 VDC
Rated current Arms  2  4 6
Peaak current for 2” Arms  4  8 12
Max output power
KW  0.65 1.30 2
Max output power (DC brushed) KW 0.56 1.12 1.67
Internal braking resistor

Output for external braking resistor   SI
Suggested external braking resistor (optional)   R50W47R R90W39R
EMC filter    ESTERNO OPZIONALE ( a norma EMC 61800-3 cat.C2 e C3 )
Logic supply VDC 24VDC ± 20%
Dynamic forced ventialtion   NO YES YES
Dimensions   T0
Weight Kg 1.1
1.2 1.2
Safety functions   STO - Safe Torque Off: IEC61800-5-2:2007 - SIL3 Cat.0: EN61508:2001 ( EN954-1:1996 )
*= ( according to  EMC 61800-3 cat.C3)


Technical Data