Overview Technical Data
Technical Data

System requirements

Operating Systems



1Gb sia per sistemi a 32Bit che per 64Bit

Space required on the Hard Disk

at least 50MB

PC connections


USB 2.0
Seriale RS232 (in base alle versioni del drive)

Drives applicable


DGFox, TomCat
DGFox Evo, TomCat Evo, NTT

Main Features.

Servodrive adjustment

- Adjustment PID of current
- Adjustment PID of speed
Adjustment PID of  position
- Adjustment observer of position
- Adjustment of Ramps.
Adjustment of Jerk.
- Flexible I / O management based on operating mode/active fieldbus.
- Motor brake management.
- Choice of operating mode.
- Choice of Fieldbus ( when available )
- Choice of type of motor driveable.
- Choice of type of feedback used.
- Choice of applications.
- Application parameters setting.
- Management of safety functions.
- Homing mode management

Local Control


- Enable local control to bypass external commands and manage the drive only from Caliper.

Connessione Hardware


- Tramite USB per i drive DGFox Evo, TomCat Evo e NTT
- Tramite RS232 per i drive della serie DGFox e TomCat ( Prima serie )

Fieldbus configuration


- Analog configuration
- Configuration of Modbus: RTU
Configuration of CanOpen: profile CiA301 CiA402
Configuration of EtherCat CoE: profile CiA301 CiA402
Configuration of ProfiNet/ProfiDrive: ProfiNet RT, IRT profile ProfiDrive AC1,AC3, AC4
Configuration of ProfiBus: profile ProfiDrive DPv0



- Realtime display of commands in analogue and pulse train operation.
- Realtime display of commands and variables in fieldbus operation (status word / control word)
- Display of the last 10 alarms occurred

Drive and motor data

- Reading, loading and saving drive parameters.
- Reading, loading and saving motor parameters.

Tools: Oscilloscope

- 4-channel oscilloscope in real time.
- Sampling of the signals at 100µs
- All channels are selectable and configurable as trigger input.
- Recording, saving and printing of measurements made by oscilloscope.
- Waveform generator function to perform the fine calibration of the rings without having to move the axes.

Tools for motor configuration


- Motor / resolver auto-phasing.
- Motor / encoder auto-phasing.
- Motor cogging compensation.
- Enable and choose the type of thermal sensor: PTC or KTY
- Observer filter on feedback.

Applications - Operating mode


- Speed control
- Sensorless speed control
- Torque control
- Control in torque limit
- Position control: electric axis
- Position control: multi-positioner
- Position control: electronic cam
- Pressure control (hydraulic press)



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